Marketing 2.0: User generated content trends – articles by Emmanuel Obadia

Emmanuel Obadia’s blog – Marketing 2.0 – is a precious ressource of synthesis on web trends. I’ve been interested in three articles related to the user generated content value through web 2.0 applications.

The first article « Le contenu généré par les utilisateurs intéresse toutes les générations » is based on studies made by the Harrison Group and Deloitte. A key fact, 30% of web content read is user generated content.

The second article is about advertissement revenues based on user generated content webistes.

Advertissement revenues

The third one is about the widgetization of internet browsing.

In few words, and if you read fluently french, have a look at Emmanuel Obadia analysis. They clear and well documented.

From my point of view, if the useer generated content is the trend, the specialization by verticalization is a fact to access the advertissement based business model. Audience is not the key, qualified audience remaining more than 15 minutes on a webiste has a value. May I say that is the end of personal blog for user generated content on sharing-knowledge platforms … I’ll tell you more in few days.

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