RISKANGEL a social community network for entrepreneurs

RiskAngel logoOn early 2007, Geoffroy Vilbert and I have created RISKANGEL, is a community dedicated to the Risk Capital Culture promotion. We are focused on France i.e Europe.

  • WHO are the RiskAngels? => Entrepreneurs + Experts + Investors
  • WHAT are the services? Business matching + Promotion + Targeted informations + mutualization
  • HOW does it works? A private network website + events

Entrepreneurs, investors, what are the stages of a company you targeted?

We adress every stages of the developpement of a company, from early stage, captial development, LBO, M&A, …

Do you prefer any sector?

We are open to every economic sector as the business matching needs is as important as in internet/medias, than into the clean technologies, etc.

How many people have been selected to join your network?

At the present time, we have 220 members. We refuse to take part to the race of the highest number of members. We do prefer select the right project, the right people to create the an environment of true collaboration. A community in which member create value for the others. This overcome the fundraising to reach collaboration on the basis of expertise around finance, marketing, law, HR, whatever a candidate entrepreneur need to achieve his project.

Want to learn more about us?

Discover the RiskAngel Challengers of December 2007.

Get registered to the next RiskAngel Night: January 21st, at le Cercle Suedois in Paris.

Poto Mitan

About Poto Mitan

Sandrine Joseph is a digital communications, social medias strategist and practionner. She is also a Diversity advocate. She is the editor of PotoMitan blog that promotes women in corporations.

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