Come In My world : the « in situ » fecondation by Orange Labs – Explocentre

« Come in My World » has been launched by Orange Labs a few days ago. I won’t be able to tell you a thing about the kick-off event in Paris as I wasn’t invited by the staff. The following article is based on French bloggers testimonies.

1- What is this?

Some said Meetic + Second Life as it can be considered as a serious game. Regarding the pictures published on Neteco, it seems to be an immersive virtual small world where people are looking for dating each others.

2- Why is it so different? « In situ » fecondation

In situ fecondation by MadeleineInstead of writing, writing and writing mails trying to convince a contact to date you, you can discuss via your avatar, in a private room space called « In situ ». This is where the story starts. As the avatar is an extrapolation of you, but the voice is yours, you can interact in a really different way. That’s make a big difference …

The beta version is available here.

Picture by LH2

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