‘Travel food’ a travel concept for ‘slow food’ aficionados!

travel foodI was wondering what kind of holidays I’d like to plan for 2008. I appreciate visiting to other countries, meeting people, visit museum adns so on … I must admitt that, definitely I really appreciate the culinary culture of a country (you need ask a native to give you « les bonnes adresses ». A bit complicated or discover by your own little restaurant (not reviwed by Le guide du Routard or other tourist books).
Listening to BFM radio, I’ve heard of a French start-up named ‘Food Travel’. The brand suit me:) a lot :)) and let me think I can have really interesting and instructive holidays. The principle is simple: you visit the best of the country, learn how to cook the meals with the best native ‘Chef’, and then you have custumized lunch or dinner at the incredible restaurants. The agenda is at my convienence, don’t you?
OK, I did not have the chance to appreciate their services, but I just want to know I’m preparing my holidays with this specific axis!

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