Digital worlds, social networks, serious games are they really dangerous?

ange - mythologieI’m not a sociologist, but recent studies I led, and recent events that occur; let me wondering on how people changed the way they interact each other or with immaterial beings (prayers, reading mythologic writings – 3D games, socialization, etc.). Is there any danger?

Facebook wall as a new way to pray for dead friend

I can testimony on a recent event. A friend I know through social network went to die by a heart crisis. Everybody was asthonished. How I’ve heard of it? Facebook newsfeed. A lot of people started to post messages on the Facebook wall talking to the dead man as if was still alive. His daughters and spouse wrote messages too. A was frighten by the way his friends were talking to him as if they were delevering a open / public prayer.

The positive thing is that these public prayers, were an easy way to show hos family he was loved and respected. They don’t have to anwser but by wrting a single post

The most unappreciable thing is that his young girls seemed to have difficulties to deal with their father’s death. How adults can put awy from really children who have to admit that their father won’t be back home anymore? I’ve already wrote notes on the collective and individual responsability regarding the safety of one human being. In that case we are talking about kids.

Kids and on-line games : is there any danger?

As a teacher I had to underline the fact that the student behivour is widely impacted by the networked games. Some are warning about the depedency associated to adrealine level associated with the exitation degree felt by a game player during a session. True.From my part, I’m convinced that if they can create a depedency, they also favour for the ones who can master the time they play, a new way of socialization. I’ve oberved that student-game players are really good team players when I propose an exercise, a case study. They create rules and follow them while the other ones loose they time by explaining how and why the task are distributed on a specific way. Believe me, the same behaviour are duplicated into companies.

Second Life to express a hidden side of our personalities, I can discuss a lot of topics. But one thing is obvious, as a mythology, fairy tales change the way we appreciate our real life, our digital life and what we do into these numeric sphere was a deep impact of our lives.

As a conclusion, I would say that we have to remain vigilent to the pros and the cons linked to the digital applications we used to use to : be aware and open-minded to the benefits of the digital life. Be pragmatic of the impact, and more precisely, on the youngest ones.

Poto Mitan

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Sandrine Joseph is a digital communications, social medias strategist and practionner. She is also a Diversity advocate. She is the editor of PotoMitan blog that promotes women in corporations.

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