Manage your e-identity, what for?

Tips to remain efficient in your personal communication / branding in a digital world.


Brand yourself, manage your e-identity, be part of social networks … WHAT FOR? After Barack Obama success in the US presidential elections, some are still wondering on what I consider as an evidence. The issue is : do you really know you DNA? Have you ever defined your 4Ps?

Philip KOTLER said : « Marketing is not the art of finding clever ways to dispose of what you make. It is the art of creating genuine customer value.«  We agree to say that in that case, the customer is the HR or the CEO you want to convice to hire you.

Before lauching your communication campain, do you master the following topics?

  • – Developing your brand capital : Do you know who you are? What is your professional and life goals?
  • – Measure the efficiency of your actions : Have you ever ask to other people their perception regarding the way you communicate, your behaviour?
  • – Make your market analysis : where do you want you want to go, what for?
  • – Your value – What is your added value? – What do you want to sell?
  • – Talk to your clients / target – use a 360 communication tools
  • – Make your offer reachable – be active in the relevant social networks, animate your own professional and social networks by delivering value

In one word, develop your personal brand

Some of you already said to me, the « C » level position are reserved to specific / well-born people. if you really want to reach these positions, you have to be visible in the Clubs they are part of. Find you way. You can also deisgn your own « C » level position by creating your own company or by buying another one. The solutions exists you have to define your objective, communicate efficiently on it, take on the opportunities.

In one word, find your own way

Is there any secret? I will tell the truth. We are talking about common sense:

1- Read Philip KOTLER Marketing Management books, and focus on your 5Ps. Be supported by a professional coach if you feel alone.

Define your 5Ps

– Product : what are your achievements, what is your added value? What is you offer? What are your services?
– Price : What is the value of your offer, regarding your market analysis, are you credible in your valuation?

– Place : What are your targets? In which area do they live? What are the business / social networks do they meet up?
– Promotion : Use the right communication to reach your target, be innovative, create differenciation in the messages, the way you introduce yourself. Don’t forget to use the right vocabulary. Don’t loose yourself in details, go straight to the point. Last be not the least, the body language is as important as the words to be pronounced.
People : Create a community around your brand, your product / service.

2- Master your visibilty : carreer management – Be efficient – Be target driven

Promote what makes you unique.

– Being everywhere with a formated message = bullshit you loosing your time and make the others loosing theirs

– Being in the right place (make a benchmark), with a message that make you appear different = efficiency, performance, results

3- Master the private side of your life : All truth don’t have to be shown, said.

I think that this one is clear.

4- Be aware of homonynous issue – your name can be the name of another person, BUT your remain unique

Tatics to differentiate yourself from other people with the same name. Let’s go back to my google research. I can tell you that:

  • I don’t sell anything on e-bay under the name « Sandrine JOSEPH », if someone whose name is « Sandrine JOSEPH » wants to do so, she can. It it her identity too.
  • I don’t write erotic poems, but the girl who does, have to be visible too on internet

How to deal with other people with the same name who want to be visible too on internet?

One of my homonymous choose to appears as « Sandrine JOSEPH dit Pagny ». This is a good idea as she always use this sentence to master her e-identity. Well done. From my part, I choose Poto-mitan as a nickname who reflects a part of my personality.

I choose ZIKI tool to appear in the first lines of a Google research and to list the communities I’m part of on the web. I’m a serial incubator, a innovation management expert.

5- Be aware of stolen identities

The most known I’ve heard of is someone who call himself « GOD » and try to friend some friends on Facebook. You know what : he succeed in doing so: That’s the reason why I think that web 2.0 like My IDis are really useful to protect and secure your content on the web. There are emerging web 2.0 tools to secure and / or to authentify your content like my IDis.

As a conclusion about Personal branding ? We are talking about common sense but it can required an external help to be more powerful. In these days, everybody claim to be coach in branding : don’t loose your time with fools, select professional with both backgrounds HR and communications to get results.

Poto Mitan

About Poto Mitan

Sandrine Joseph is a digital communications, social medias strategist and practionner. She is also a Diversity advocate. She is the editor of PotoMitan blog that promotes women in corporations.

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