Social Media Bio – Why every Black Woman professional needs one : answering Adrianne George’s post in BWIE in Black Women in Europe

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Personal Branding, Master your on-line identity are hot topics. Adrianne George decided to highlight my social media page to stimulate black women professional to master their own digital identity. As a follow-up, I dediced reproduce here my comment I posted on her blog. I provide key findings on social media page creation.

« Hi Adrianne,

I totally agree your post : every black woman should master her digital identity and be sure that the information related to her name match with her expectations. Below some comments to complete your post

Why do I create a social media page?

First,I wanted to differenciate myself from other people with the same name, more and more numerous to have a web presence. On the other hand I wanted to provide a clear vision on who I am and what I do. When I google my name once, I found that the first link was an erotic poem wrote by another girl named ‘Sandrine Joseph’. If I’m involved in contemporary art promotion I don’t write such poems. Then, I decided that my digital identity management was a priority.

How did I manage to write my bio?

Writing a good bio is a very difficult and interesting exercise : the basis is your CV, the detailed approach of your experience. A bio is a good story telling. You have to promote yourself by highlighting your talents, your success. The bio, is the way you introduce yourself to a recruiter, to a client, to a business partner. In fact, it is your elevator pitch on your achievements, expectations. Be sincere, pragmatic, be yourself.

Why did Adrianne recommends Blogger or WordPress to Create a Social Media Bio?

WordPress and Blogger are blog tools. Easy to custumize, and the most important, they are the best tools to be on the top of the pages in search engines as google and search people engine such as or

About the design?

It depends on you, and who you are. I decided to make this page as clear as possible because my blogs are like in the state of the art on webdesign :, I don’t feel like it was useful to invest time in design for my social media page. Maybe I’ll change my mind later on. Who knows!

Don’t hesitate anymore, create a social media page and register yourself into the most famous social networks as LinkedIn, be in the relevant places : where your clients, recruiters might looking for you.

From Paris,
Sandrine Joseph »

Poto Mitan

About Poto Mitan

Sandrine Joseph is a digital communications, social medias strategist and practionner. She is also a Diversity advocate. She is the editor of PotoMitan blog that promotes women in corporations.


  • BlackWomenInEurope

    Merci Sandrine. I consider the possibility that I will want to change the information in my social media bio occassionally.

    For example, my list of social networks keeps growing so I may have to reomove that section as it becomes cumbersome.

  • Black Women In Europe
    Black Women In Europe

    Salut Sandrine,

    I am giving my social media a dust off and re-do so I deleted the previous one on Blogger.

    Since I won a domain name for my consultancy it makes sense for me to move my social media bio there.

    Ideally it would be best to have one’s bio on their name domain like you do.

    I have decided to take a slightly different route as a means to increase the value of my business brand. I will be sure to let you know when it is ready so that you can critique it.

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