Voice from Overseas France – La Voix de l’Outre Mer : dinner – debate at the French Senate with presence of Yves Jego

As a new chapter in the Black European Women Voices history, I wanted to highlight in englsih a French initiative to promote so called « Diversity » in France : Voice from France Overseas – La Voix de l’Outre Mer created last year by Nicole Bristol.

Nicole Bristol invites people from France Overseas  (below the map to understand what France Overseas means) to a diner-debate with presence of Yves JegoMinister of State to the Minister of the Interior, Overseas France and Terrritorial Communities, with responsibility for Overseas France. 

Voices From France Overseas - Invitation - Diner French Senate - Yves Jego

On Febuary the 10th, the attendes will discuss this topic related to Europe: « Continental Europe, Maritime France, What is the role for France Overseas? » – Europe Continentale, France maritime, Quel rôle pour la France de l’Outre Mer? at the French Senate, au Palais du Luxembourg at Salle à Manger du Sénat. Places are limited.

Overseas France map

Overseas France - the map

Voices from France Overseas – key links in french:

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