LinkedIn introduces new HR tools for recruiters : LinkedIn Talent Advantage

LinkedIn Talent AdvantageIn his latest post, Chris Crum  pointed out the new set of HR tools developed by Linkedin to reinforce its worlwide leadership on social networking recruitment. After launching new e-ruptation tools for candidates based on API and made a partnership with french institutional actors of recruitement as APEC; Linkedin introduces new application as facilitators to find the right talents : Linkedin Talent Advantage. Deeply linked to the internal viral applications. This announcement shows that the open innovation strategy used by the US company is really efficient to take advantage on the competitors (Viadeo, Xing) in Europe and worlwide. Regarding Chris’ post, the basis o the service are :

« LinkedIn Recruiter, which helps corporate recruiters source top passive talent, with extended search, full profile viewing, direct messaging and team collaboration tools.

LinkedIn Jobs Network, which consists of job postings on LinkedIn that deliver precise targeting, candidate match recommendations and viral distribution of job postings throughout the network.

LinkedIn Talent Direct, which consists of « InMail » campaigns to reach more potential candidates faster and more precisely.

LinkedIn Employer Advertising, which can be targeted to specific groups of professionals

– And the new LinkedIn Custom Company Profiles, which are rich and extensible company profiles with viewer-aware information that can adapt to the viewer’s location, industry, function, etc. to build an employment brand »

Regarding the current economic and financial crisis time, HR needs efficient tools to identify talented professionals to recruit them. Linkedin is more and more offensive to keep its leader position one of the most lucrative market of the time.

Candidates should be aware of the words and sentences written on their profile : mastering one’s own e-reputation into such social network is never been as important as now to be headhunted.

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Sandrine Joseph is a digital communications, social medias strategist and practionner. She is also a Diversity advocate. She is the editor of PotoMitan blog that promotes women in corporations.

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