Black Austrian, Beatrice Achaleke receives the famous World Diversity Innovation Award 2009

Beatrice Achaleke - Afra

 Vienna, October 24, 2009

Beatrice Achaleke (39), Chairwoman of the Black European Women’s Council, BEWC, and Initiator of the Vienna International Center for Black Women’s Perspectives, AFRA, was recognized on September 17, 2009 with the „Global Diversity Innovation Award“ at the World Diversity Leadership-Summit in Washington for her engagement for black women in Europe. She succeeds last year’s winner, Vaclav Havel.


Award for diversity and equal opportunity

Beatrice Achaleke, the „black Austrian from Cameroon“, as she calls herself, has since many years stood up fought for the equality for black women in the European society. Last week on September 17, her engagement was honored with the „Global Diversity Innovation Award“. The prize, which is yearly awarded from the „World Diversity Leadership Council“ initiative, in the scope of the similar named congress in Washington, recognizes personalities for their daily positive contact with diversity. „The honour is not only an incrediable appreciation, but also as a contract of the World Diversity Council, to support diversity as a society’s potential and not as a problem. „I take this contract very seriously and I will even stronger pursue for diversity and integration in Austria and Europe“, says Beatrice Achaleke, who is already back to Austria to work on her next projects.

Chance: Diversity

In her function as chairwoman for the Vienna Organisation AFRA, International Center for Black Women’s Perspectives, the socialogy graduate organised in 2007, the European year of the Chance Equality, the first Black Women’s Congress in Vienna. For the coming year, the European Variant of the World Diversity Leadership Summits, which has succcessfully been held in the USA for the last six years, is planned in Austria. Goal of the conference, to which renowned international diversity experts are expected, is to discuss future strategies and perspectives for the positive dealing with cultural diversity. „Diversity provides chance, not hinderances“, Achaleke is convinced. Two years ago, the commited powerwoman, founded to the Black European Women’s Council, BEWC, a network from black women’s establishments from twelve EU-Member States and Switzerland. „I want to pull out black women and visible minorities from their victim positions and encourage them to appear more confident“, says Achaleke.

Multiple Prize holder

As founder of AFRA, BEWC and the association „Black Women’s Community“ and publisher of the book „Voices of Black European Women“ Beatrice Achaleke was already in 2008 awarded with theMiA-Award for women with migration background and in spring 2009 with the States Honor for Intercultural Activities, as well as the „Myriam Makebe African Diva“-honorprize from Radio Afrika. Besides Intercultural Mentoring, Adult education and her work in the society’s politics and migration, the new-Austrian manages with equal engagement her four-head family.

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