Sisters around the globe : Unite ! : women’s of the african Diaspora worldwide portraits in Essence Magazine – August issue

I had the pleasure to discover the portrait of my friend Kimberly Petyt and mine, in the forthcoming issue of August of Essence Magazine. The interview was made by Deborah Gregory and Essence Magazine team.

Women of the African Dispora worlwide need to be connected. For USA people coming there : here are some black women’s networks that deserved to be known as they acting for the best in Europe :

« Sisters around the globe : Unite ! »and join us on Facebook PotoMitan – Europe

Sandrine Joseph Essence Magazine August 2011

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Poto Mitan

About Poto Mitan

Sandrine Joseph is a digital communications, social medias strategist and practionner. She is also a Diversity advocate. She is the editor of PotoMitan blog that promotes women in corporations.


  • Black Women in Europe
    Black Women in Europe

    Love seeing you in Essence, Sandra! Bien fait. And thank you for including me on your list. Biz.

  • Monique Y. Wells
    Monique Y. Wells

    Congratulations to Sandrine and to Kim! I published a Black Paris Profile on Kim a few months ago. She definitely deserves this honor!

  • Sandrine Joseph
    Sandrine Joseph

    Feel free to post your comment on Essence Magazine facebook page :

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