This page gathers the recommendations made by the people I worked with during the 10 past years in Telecoms/Medias sector where I led challenging projects in France, for Middle East, african and european countries.

My achievements include various areas of competencies as:

– IT and web projects development and deployment including communications strategies, change management and leadership issues.

– Telecoms and Medias innovative projects development: strategic marketing & business development, open innovation approaches.

Leading challenging projects is above all leading people to success, make them overcome themselves.

My Business Partners:

David Guillocheau , COO , TALENTYS

“Sandrine is business woman 200% in harmony with the new century world: connected and social. It’s always a great pleasure to share views and ideas with her on how organizations and individuals could leverage better their talents. Innovative but also hard facts based and change management minded, Sandrine has a unique set of skills and experiences to make talent management highly valuable and strategic,” February 1, 2010

Marc Lipskier, Partner, Bird & Bird

“To say that Sandrine knows all about innovative technologies and business development is far from the truth.By her prominent features in the Orange Labs, she is living and working in the heart of the technological creativity. Even better, she is also a woman of ventures: an entrepreneur herself, and even an inspiration and a facilitator. For hes role in Risk Angel, she contributes significantly to the financing and development of young companies. she also provides a real strategic vision and international insights. It must be added that Sandrine has a delightful personality, open, caring and dynamic. I have only one regret about Sandrine: not to have the chance to meet her and work with her much more often!” February 25, 2009

Fadhila Brahimi, Founder and Executive Director FB Associés

« Sandrine is a dedicated professional and insightful. Visionary, strategist oriented innovation. » December 26th, 2008

Kaoutsar Entifi, Travel & Network International, Your Business Gateway to Morocco

« Sandrine is a disciplined, motivated, goal oriented executive. I would recommend her for any managerial position without hesitation. » September 7th, 2008


Deena Pierott , Founder, International Black Women’s Collaborative

“I had the blessed fortune to connect with Sandrine in her Risk Angel network and have truly enjoyed this brilliant connection ever since! Sandrine is a fantastic writer, engaging speaker, and a gifted thinker, with exceptional analytical skills and contagious enthusiasm. Her brainstorming abilities yield highly conceptual and creative solutions. Sandrine is one of the most creative people I know and anyone would be fortunate to have her collaborate on projects ». October 22nd, 2008

Adrianne George, Black Women in Europe Founder

“Sandrine is a true gem. She is a multi talented professional with expert skills in marketing and start-ups, as well as a patron to the arts. She is also an expert on the French market while at the same time possessing a unique insight into the global market. On a personal note Sandrine is a generous networker who has shared her contacts with me which have resulted in new opportunities for me and my career.”October 6th, 2008

Alexandre Root , PLANIPE, CEO

“During RISKANGEL Night held on April 2008, I was invited by Sandrine Joseph to present my new project for my company PLANIPE. Sandrine had quickly understand our business model and the investment opportunity for her investors network. We were looking for funds for our new software dedicated to forecasting and inventory optimization. As the developments were already finished, we needed working capital to develop our marketing and sales operations. During a 15mn pitch facing selected investors and experts, I pointed out our strategy, the strengh of our product, the quality of our team, the interest of our clients to deploy such an product in their information system. After my presentation, 2 persons were interested by the project: the first one was a business angel and the second one, a former French Minister who will support me in developing my business in Laval city. The deal was made within 2 months: we have increased our capital by 250 000 €. If the RISKANGEL network allowed us to raise the funds, we had also found relevant and good business partners.” August 22nd, 2008

Deena Pierott – Commissioner, SW Washington – State of Washington
President – Mosaic Blueprint

« Sandrine is truly gifted when it comes to communicating complex policy issues to a variety of audiences. She is a true professional yet with a style that builds trust and displays integrity. Sandrine is very respected on a global level and would be a dynamic asset to your organization. »

Geoffroy Vilbert , Merger and Acquisition (FUSACQ), OPTEAMUM Alliance, Managing Director

“Effectiveness, creativity, organization, define and achieve goals, loyalty…all this skills and values for only one person, it’s conceivable, Sandine has done it…” May 13th, 2008

John J. Maalouf , Chairman of the Firm, Maalouf Law Firm, LLC New York | London | Hong Kong | Boston | Shanghai

“Sandrine is an absolute first rate professional, a leader in her field, she is talented, extremely intelligent and friendly, a true joy to work with. She has a unique ability to add significant value to the bottom line of any deal.” May 10th, 2008

Eric Motillon , Human First, CEO

“The Capital risk market is a domain which belongs to specialists. When Sandrine proposed me to join her in the Risk Angel adventure; I had no doubt about the strategic business model she was implementing nore than of the opportunity to meet there the French Capital Risk specialists. In her Marketing Manager position in Orange Labs, Sandrine faces lots of attractive and innovative projects which give her the appropriate qualification to drive the competitive challenge Risk Angel proposes to the French Start Ups. Being the partner of Sandrine in a such challenge (in charge of recruiting the right Business Managers) is a very exciting human and business opportunity. Thanks Sandrine to have invited me in the Risk Angel Adventure !” May 1st, 2008

Jonathan Belgourari , Mobshop, CEO

“RiskAngel provides a unique occasion for entrepreneurs to directly present their project to many valuable investors and professionals. For any project owner or new company, I’d strongly recommend RiskAngel for business, networking, and investing opportunities. As Challenge winner, RiskAngel has assisted Mobshop in recent and future developments.” April 9th, 2008

Nick Wood , Project Director, Telekomunikacja Polska S.A.

« Sandrine produced high quality relevant communications coming out of the New Convergence Programme, which maintained the visibility of progress to all stakeholders. She was a pleasure to work with and highly recommended. » September 7th, 2008


Thierry Amani , Consultant, Accenture

“Sandrine successfully built a team spirit within the project. This was accomplished in a mutlicultural and versatile environment composed of various teams (holding teams, subsidiaries teams, different consulting companies). As a team member of one of the consulting companies, I found Sandrine’s work valuable in understanding the goals and objectives of the project. Sandrine maintained the teams focused on the results. This is one of the drivers that allowed the successful deployment of the solution in a european subsidiary.” June 8th, 2008

Jean-Michel Christin , Principal Business Consultant, AtosOrigin

“Sandrine always shows enthusiasm with the project getting involved interacting with each of the members from all teams. Sandrine that shows that commitment and level of getting involved. She performed a great job on communication and help us took the best decision. Her knowledge and understanding were essential during New Convergence Program.” April 21st, 2008

Patrick Vallée , Multimedia Director, Creapress | BBDO

“Sandrine is a creative person, with plenty of enthusiasm and energy. Her qualities appear through the originality and the quality of the project « Arts and Talents ».” August 29th, 2007

Olivier Gorriz , Senior Project Manager, Ogilvy One Worldwide

“Sandrine knows very well project management in a R&D environment. I have worked as a service provider for her and it was a pleasure to build a relationship supplier-customer.” August 13th, 2007

My colleagues at Orange – France Telecom Group

Nuha Masalha , ADSL Project /Product manager, Jordan Telecom

“I have worked with Sandrine over than 3 years for the broadband access project ,she was the managing the animator for the community of BA “ Broadband Access “ experts from all the affiliates launching ADSL I would like to confirm her excellent dedication, strong project management skills ,multi skills &work ethics .Sandrine is a very talented person. Brilliant to work with, picks up new concepts very quickly, always had a clear view of the final project objectives and hers role in the team. She is one of the most professional persons I ever met. I highly recommend Sendrine for her strong knowledge and management skills .” September 14th, 2008

Patrice Afanou , User Experience et Insights Marketing Manager, Orange Labs

“Sandrine is a very experienced marketing professional. She has strong knowledge of the Telecom environment. She easily identifies target markets and how best to reach them specially in disruptive innovation. As a project manager, Sandrine has a strong ability to lead and motivate a team. It’s great and pleasant to work with her because she’s very enthusiast and pro.” June 16th, 2008

Moise Nsabimana, Project Manager at France Telecom

« I have met a talented person when I was leading Change Management activities in France Telecom. Sandrine was in charge of communication and change strategy design, she demonstrated valuable leadership and competence expected for situation. Her good practice of interpersonal values makes her a good colleague to work with and rely on for any professional challenge. » September 10th, 2008
Delphine Batton , Creativity facilitator and service designer, France Télécom – Orange Labs

“I’ve been working with Sandrine when she was leading several projects within Orange Labs. She is a great project manager, very reliable and looking cautiously to all the elements needed (espacially marketing ones) to make her products take advantage on emerging markets. And this, in a speed/stressfull environment, dealing with colleagues coming from very heterogenious backgrounds (designers, engineers, marketing managers, sociologists, researchers…).” June 9th, 2008

Jacqueline Mohabeer, Director of business process projects, FT group

“Sandrine is a professional personn. She has good skills in communication. She knows how to take commitments and respect them.”Febuary, 13th, 2008

Alexis de Champsavin , International projects manager, Orange

“Sandrine is always in a good mood and its always pleasant to work with her.” August 21st, 2007

Frédéric Viot, Business Planner, France Télécom

“Sandrine is a very good professional, she is very dedicated, thorough and rigorous. She is very fun and pleasant to work with. I strongly recommend her.” December 19th, 2007

Jean-Michel Venet, Project Manager, France Telecom

« Sandrine is a high skilled project manager with a pronounced preference for complexe IT Projects. Her dual concern with quality and project understanding allows colleagues to fairly rely on its management ; both on her rigourous approach, and her full functional understanding of the target. Rigor and realistic creativity. » September 14th, 2007

My Master and MBA students

Jonathan Levy-Bencheton , Student , Institut International du Multimedia
“Sandrine Joseph has been one of my teachers at the International Institute of Multimedia. As good as you can be in your business life, it’s always really hard to share your experience and to teach it. But She has really succeeded in doing it, providing me with really great lessons and advices that I will be able to use in my future own business life.” October 7, 2009

Nicolas Silberman , Student , Institut International du Multimédia
“Sandrine Joseph was a good teacher, very meticulous. She knows how to make you overcome yourself to deliver the best. As one of her mentee, she gave me precious advices to develop my leadership and improve the beginning of my career.” October 21, 2009

Paul Chabert , Student , GROUPE LEONARD DE VINCI – Institut International du Multimédia“

Working for Sandrine has always been a real pleasure for me. I have learned quite a lot working along side her from management to project project oversight. She trained me while I was a student at IMM and I don’t regret a minute of the internship which was both pertinent and efficient. Sandrine has a professional aura which leaves no one indifferent. I certainly hope to have the opportunity to work by her side.” October 23, 2009

Isabel Yus , Student , INSEEC

“When I was Sandrine’s student at INSEEC, I really appreciated her learning methods: She tried to guide us to find the right aswers by ourselves. She exposed the problems and urged us to find the solutions as if we were already facing the real work environment. Thanks to Sandrine I learnt to “think by myself” and to organise information and tasks according to priority” December 15, 2009