C’est la rentrée : Elle est Top, Je suis Top : prenez de bonnes décisions allez au théâtre !

Pour ma plus grande joie, après une pause estivale bien méritée, Blandine Métayer est de retour sur scène au théâtre de Dix Heures pour son irrésistible one woman show : Je suis Top ! Quoi de mieux pour commencer la rentrée que de répéter Je suis Top et agir pour y arriver?

Queens of Africa and the heroines of the African Diaspora

A few weeks ago, I’ve received a message from a reader of Essence Magazine telling me how is it difficult to find black role models for young people nowdays. This conversation was an invitation to deepen the subject of lost in memories successful Black Women in ages. Did they exist? Who were they? Are condamned to be victims as the youngest ladies seemed to think about? Or is there a chance for us to succeed? The answer is hidden in our ancestor memories, the answer in hidden inside us, and the answer is : Yes We Can !

Sisters around the globe : Unite ! : women’s of the african Diaspora worldwide portraits in Essence Magazine – August issue

I had the pleasure to discover my portrait of my friend’s one – Kimberly Petyt, in the forthcoming issue of August of Essence Magazine. The interview was made by Deborah Gregory and Essence Magazine team.

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