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Pour ma plus grande joie, après une pause estivale bien méritée, Blandine Métayer est de retour sur scène au théâtre de Dix Heures pour son irrésistible one woman show : Je suis Top!

Quoi de mieux pour commencer la rentrée que de répéter “Je suis Top” et agir pour y arriver?

Le personnage, Catherine Boissard nous fait revivre sa carrière : Elle est Top. Top Manager, membre du Comité de Direction de son entreprise. Elle nous invite durant une heure à vivre les moments clés de sa vie professionnelle et personnelle. Ce spectacle est d’une grande habileté. Le discours de cette femme est transgénérationnel : les plus jeunes aux plus expérimentées se retrouvent dans ce personnage sympathique et fort de caractère.

A la fin du spectacle, les joues en feu, à force de rire – je me suis entendre dire : “Elle est Top, Je suis Top!”

Alors les filles, allez-y seule ou en bande, prenez vos maris sous le bras, votre manager, votre amie, votre collaboratrice, votre fille, votre maman (je l’ai fait!) : en un mot prenez de LA bonne résolution de la rentrée : allez au Théâtre de Dix Heures voir “Je suis Top !”.

Tous les mardis et mercredis à 19h00, du 27 septembre au 28 décembre au théâtre de Dix heures.

Infos et réservations : 01 46 06 10 17

A few weeks ago, I’ve received a message from a reader of Essence Magazine telling me how is it difficult to find black role models for young people nowdays. This conversation was an invitation to deepen the subject of lost in memories successful Black Women in ages. Did they exist? Who were they? Are condamned to be victims as the youngest ladies seemed to think about? Or is there a chance for us to succeed? The answer is hidden in our ancestor memories, the answer in hidden inside us, and the answer is : Yes We Can !

I was raising as a child in a matriarcal environment : Women are leaders. They are the pillars of the family, they are Potomitan.

On spring 2011, I went to the cinema with a friend to watch Back Venus – La Venus Noire (the story of the Venus Hottentote) of Abdellatif Kechiche – staring Yahima Torrès. I didn’t heard of La Venus Hottentote tragic destiny, from South Africa before. I was shocked.


I wanted to know more about the other black women who where queens, military strategists, visionary business women. Not only sucessful women as Oprah Winfrey, but also women we forgot the names, the histories, we’ve never heard of their stories. Googlizing “queens of africa” I discovered a book wrote by a French woman : Sylvia Serbin. But no copies were available, even in seoncd hand.  After a trial, opposing Serbin to an European editor, no more copies were printed. Sebin was dismissed. Neverless,  it seems that a 4th edition was on way : a basic search in amazon and bingo! I was able to buy a brand new copy.

I’ve received a copy yesterday and enjoy my reading … in French. Queens of Africa is a thesaurus gathering 22 beautiful the histories based on scientifc approach and true facts.

Ladies, it’s time to start to learn French ! For those who want to read a good book on black european history in english, don’t hesitate to read the narrative life story of Olauda Equiano / Gustavus Vassa borned free, made slave, died rich and famous in England, where he contributed to the economic and philosophic debate as an intellectual.

I had the pleasure to discover the portrait of my friend Kimberly Petyt and mine, in the forthcoming issue of August of Essence Magazine. The interview was made by Deborah Gregory and Essence Magazine team.

Women of the African Dispora worlwide need to be connected. For USA people coming there : here are some black women’s networks that deserved to be known as they acting for the best in Europe :

“Sisters around the globe : Unite !”and join us on Facebook PotoMitan – Europe

Sandrine Joseph Essence Magazine August 2011

Don’t forget to buy your own issue ! More informations and where to buy are here